A rough week and a respite…

So, I found out last Thursday that my contract position is ending at the end of February. At these times I know it’s important for me to dig into my creative well and be productive, but it also tends to be the most difficult time to do that.  And I kind of gave into the sadness and feelings of being overwhelmed.  But, the good thing is that, if nothing else, I have this standing appointment every Friday night and I found myself looking so forward to getting out of my apartment and getting some creative work done.

Remember these?

No?  What about these?

So, I apply the glaze and then wipe it off with a damp sponge, revealing the painted colors in the raised areas, but leaving glaze in the recessed areas.  Can’t wait until they come out of the kiln.  They’ll look a lot different when they are fired, and that change never stops feeling magical to me.

This weekend I have to assemble some other ceramic jewelry pieces.  They are going to be on display (and for sale) at the West Side Y beginning next week and I’ve been dragging my feet to put them together.  Need to start pushing back on that inertia.  It’s good for what ails me.


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