I’m a crafty city dweller inspired by color, graphics, text and texture and finding inspiration in surprising places.  Through my company, Girl in Gotham Designs, I sell ceramic and other art jewelry and I’m always looking for new designs and new inspirations.  But my big secret is that I’ve always struggled with inertia.  I have had times of great productivity, activity, and creativity, but I often have gotten overwhelmed by too many obligations, too many ideas, too many emotions, too much rushing through my brain and instead of using it to propel myself forward, I’ve let it paralyze me.

So, this year I made a New Year’s resolution.  Do something creative every day and document it online.  And while it would be nice to say that I will document 365 days worth of my creative endeavors, when it comes down to it, this is more about giving myself permission to play.  Creating this space to share my works in progress, my experiments and even some craft-tastrophes, is a big motivator for keeping creative and active.  And I know that only by continuing to play, do I continue to grow and continue to find new ways to express myself and share my art.

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