Back on track…

So, I’ve gotten a little bit off track this week.  I was out a couple of nights, but even while I was home I was back in slug mode.  Good thing tonight I had pottery.  Just getting out the door to head over there can sometimes be a struggle (even though, it’s just across the street!) but once I’m there, it’s a great environment for learning and creating.

Tonight I cleaned up the stuff I was working on last week and got it ready to go into the kiln for the bisque firing.

Then, I started working on some new pieces inspired on something I made a couple of years ago.  Matt had given us an assignment to make mugs with different stipulations for each.  This one was about texture and color.


I really love the way this mug came out, the texture, the colors, everything.  So I had thought about making some jewelry and other pieces based on this idea and I’d never followed through.  Actually, that’s not quite true.  I started to do it once and hated the  pieces I was making,  I got frustrated and discarded them.  Time to try again.

I’m so glad I did!  Here are the first three pieces in what I hope are just the beginning of a new direction.


They are kind of on the large side for jewelry, but  I’m starting here and I’ll see how they evolve.  I’m so excited about the possibilities in this new direction.  Maybe I’ll even make it back into the studio again this weekend to work on some more.  Can’t wait to start adding color and firing them.

So, out of inertia…inspiration!


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