Back to the studio…

pendants in progress

Tonight was my first pottery class of the New Year, after my disappointment last week that classes hadn’t started.  I’ve been taking pottery classes at the West Side Y for more than a decade and it’s a community that I love being part of.  One of the best things about living in New York City is the caliber  of teachers in my community arts program at the YMCA.  I’ve had the opportunity to take classes with Linda Casbon, Kate Missett, Sheryl Zacharia, and Matt Nolen (my current teacher), wonderful artists I would never have access to in a community arts program any place else.

Anyway, easing back into the swing of Friday night pottery, I worked on some tiny little pieces tonight, the beginnings of some jewelry pieces — pendants, beads and dangles.  I’m really looking forward to this term because I feel like the momentum of this blog project, plus my weekly pottery class is going to help me yield some great work this year!


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