Digital Creativity/Activity

I thought that my pottery class was starting this evening, but when I arrived, the studio was locked.  Should have checked my email before I went.  It starts NEXT week.  So, change of plans.  When I got home I decided to do some creative housekeeping online.

The site for Girl in Gotham Designs, while a far cry better than the previous iteration, still needs a bunch of tweaking, and I still haven’t managed to get the code for my store widget to work properly (geekspeak for you cannot see the pretty pictures of what I have for sale OR /storefail!)  And for this site, I just chose one of the templates that comes with WordPress, so I could start posting, but I’d like to make some slight changes here too. So, tonight’s activity/creativity has been to work on my web sites.  Changes on Girl in Gotham Designs are making good progress and changes here are forthcoming.

Meanwhile,  TGIF!

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