Easter Bonnet in Progress

Each year my wonderful friend Barry gets a group of people together to create Easter Bonnets around a theme and walk the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade together on Easter Sunday (here we are last year).  This year we are going as signs of the zodiac.  As I am an Aquarius (destined for greatness or madness), I am creating an Aquarius bonnet.  Yesterday Barry hosted a crafting brunch and lots of progress was made on many bonnets.  Except of course, for mine.  Yes, it’s no surprise, I am notorious for my procrastination.  Last year I essentially created my entire bonnet the night before the parade.  So, this year, especially since I’m not working, I’m trying to not do that.  I’m not all that far along, but at least I’ve made some progress.

Covering the brim
More “water”
Completely covered (the top will have an urn on it soon)

The urn will be added, with “water” coming out of it.  And then the water bearer himself will be holding the urn.  Here’s one of the inspiration images for the bonnet:

I’ll post more pictures when it’s done.


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