Everything old is new again…

Remember ShrinkyDinks?  They were one of my favorite things to make as a kid.  Sheets of plastic with images on it.  Color it in, cut it out, stick it in the oven, and watch it shrink magically to darken the colors and become miniature.  LOVED them.  Well, now there’s PolyShrink shrink plastic. And the stuff I have is “artist’s grade.”    But, you know what?  It’s the same thing.  Only now, it’s not pre-printed and I use a heat gun to shrink it, instead of popping it in the toaster oven.  I’ve monkeyed around with it a bit, but haven’t yet gotten the kind of results that I’ve seen elsewhere.

Before shrinking
And after

Maybe the magic is gone?  Or maybe I just haven’t found my groove with grown-up shrink plastic just yet.  Anyway, I’m not letting it slow me down.  I’m still using it.  Not exactly a PIG, but it’s a material I really want to master.  Because despite the fact that results aren’t yet up to my usual standards, the idea of incorporating it into my jewelry is still inspiring.  And as long as that’s the case, it’s worth playing and exploring.

So, I’m going to keep at it until I find a way to make it work for me…


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