Friday Clay Day…

So, back in the studio today and I’m continuing to work on more collage pieces, testing some different color combinations.  Also, because my little owl piece is such a big hit (thanks Nic and Gen), I’m experimenting with them.

That first one I made was just a flat piece, so the new ones I’m giving some dimension to, by making them into focal beads/pendants.  Kind of excited about how they’ll turn out.  I had started to do the same with the butterfly, but the shape and size wasn’t lending itself to the form, so I’m experimenting with a little shield-like pendant.

I also found some old clay in my apartment.  It must have been sitting in the bottom of the basket of supplies for at least several years and was like a giant rock.  So, I have re-hydrated it and I’m excited to spend some time in production mode here.  Yes, the studio is just across the street, but there’s something nice about being able to work, spread out in my living room at any time of the day or night (since I tend to be a night owl).

And I haven’t forgotten that there are finished fired pieces waiting to be turned into jewelry.  I’m going to try to get some of those done this weekend and have an idea I’m working with a larger piece, but may need to buy some specific findings.  I’ll certainly be posting pictures of my progress…

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