Inertia bites girl…

It’s an insidious thing, inertia.  It doesn’t ever really go away.  It’s always lurking, waiting to creep back in given the opportunity.  And sometimes it’s just easier to come home from work in the evening (granted I’ve been getting home on the later side), veg out in front of the TV and do nothing.  But, it’s a good reminder that even if I just make something small, even if I don’t think it’s entirely successful (to that in a minute), I always feel better.

So, tonight I bit back and made a couple of sea glass pendants.  I’ve had this bag of sea glass for years and years, trying to figure out what to do with it.  I have a bunch of inexpensive wire lying around, so I decided to try a project I discovered while pinning on Pinterest.  It’s my first real effort with wire wrapping, so I’m not thrilled, but they’re not bad for a first try.  I can definitely see the potential.  Wire wrapping, printed images, hmmmm…. Lots more ideas to play with.  In the meantime, here are my first wire-wrapped sea glass pendants.

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