New Faces…

So, before I participated in the Indie Craft Fair in Florida last month, I decided I needed to add something fresh to my jewelry.  I was digging through my supplies and I came across a stash of large dominoes that I used when I first started experimenting with domino jewelry years ago.  And all of a sudden I was inspired.  Some of my favorite images I use on my earrings are faces, and I thought it would be cool to translate that to necklaces.  But, the larger dominoes required larger images and the larger image size was too big to fit one domino.  The solution — use two dominoes with links between them to capture the full face.  The idea is sort of inspired by art doll doll jewelry I’ve seen like this, with links connecting the different parts of the doll, only I’m just using the face.

Anyway, I brought a few down to Florida and they got a great reaction, but no sales.  My mom decided she wanted to keep one, and being my best sales representative, she’s proceeded to introduce these necklaces to lots of people, some of whom have already contacted me to purchase them.  So, I knew I needed to get at least one of them photographed and uploaded to my store.   So, I accomplished that tonight.  The first necklace is up in my store.  Here’s what it looks like:

Pale Pink Face Necklace

And since I’ve already had one official order (and some additional interest), I started to make some new ones in dove gray.  It’s a multiple part process, so tonight I colored dominoes and printed the images.

Tomorrow I’ll drill holes, silver leaf the edges, and place the links.  Next steps are to seal the images with clear coat and assemble the necklaces.  If all goes according to plan, I’ll photograph them on Tuesday night and have the order in the mail by Wednesday.  By the way, I really love the way they look (if I do say so myself!)


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