That face…

So, while I was in Florida I found these great miniature frames.  I used a larger one as the focal point of a necklace I made for my sister for Chanukah.  I figured I’d use the smaller ones for the same purpose, but tonight I was looking at them and thought they might make interesting earrings.  So, here are a very simple pair of earrings, featuring one of my favorite stock images that I’ve had for ages.  I have it as a larger rubber stamp, as well as a clip art image, and printed it on transparency to use for just this purpose.

I love the long, loopy ear wires, because the regular one I use just don’t seem substantial enough for these pieces.  I thought maybe I’d add some charms to them for a little more interest (like I did with the necklace), but for the time being I like them this way.  Simple and stark.

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