Things coming together…

So, success!  My new pendants/pins/still not sure yet what they’ll be jewelry pieces are out of the kiln and I love them.  They look quite different than they did before they went into the kiln and the blue black glaze brings out the details and the bright colors of the underglazes.  I’m so happy they turned out even better than I expected.

Now to turn them into something wearable…and to make more!

Tonight I also put some of my other jewelry up into a display case at the Y.  It’s part of a show of ceramic jewelry from Artworks students at the Y.  Here’s what the case looks like currently.

My stuff is in the top center of the case.  There’s still work from a couple more people to be added, which is why there’s some empty space.  Most of what I included is stuff I’ve had for a while, with the exception of the earrings, which I made in December.   Here are a couple of closeups of what I included, but the pictures aren’t great.


I’m thrilled to have my pieces included and it’s giving me motivation to keep working.


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